2 hour delay

hello people of earth,
I no I havnt posted in a while but I’ve been really busy .

I just wanna talk about the two hour delay me and my brother are having because of the snow .!!.
we are having a snow day because of the 2 feet of snow we got in PA . we are excited because of the snow . but we wanted a snow day . but oh well .

soo I’ll be postingg more now . ok byee


dancegal can’t be out danced .


Nite everyone

Just wanted to say nite!


Dancegal can’t be out danced!!!

I did not hack Zaeriuaschi!

hello everyone dancegal here,

and i just want to say i did not hack zaeriuaschi i woul never i dont even know how to hack. Please Zaeriuaschi dont be mad at me . . . so we did fight but me and bubbles apoligized and you should to for calling us names . . . . that is all.


dancegal can’t be out danced!!!

August 2009 Penguin Style

Hi Bubbles here!  The new catalog is out!!!

August 2009

First off, you can get Aqua now!  Sweet.


Here is aqua on my penguin!

Bubbles Aqua

I look awesome! OK.  Here are the new clothes:

Page 1

Page 2

Now for the cheats.

To get the red viking helmet, click the inside of the piano.

Red Helmet

Click it three more times for the blue viking helmet.


For the canteen, click the the brown shell


For the crystal staff, click Penguins in “Penguins At Work”


For the blue dragon costume, click the dragon shadow.Blue Dragon 

Those are the cheats.  Also, there is a lot of construction for the Festival of Flight

That is all for now.

Bubbles can’t be popped!!



I just wanted to say Hi penguins!!

Bubbles can’t be popped!!


Newspaper 197 Events

Hi Bubbles here!  Here is the new club penguin newspaper:

Newspaper 197

That’s right!  Music Jam ends in three days 😦

There is also a writing contest starting today.

Writing Contest

You can submit any cp story that has one of the four stories.

Lastly, the new events:

New events

The events are the color vote for Maroon, Aqua, or Lavender tomorrow, a new Penguin Style with the new color August 7th, and a new pin July 30th.  So get the umbrella in the Boiler Room now before it is gone.

That is all for now.  VOTE AQUA PEOPLE!

Bubbles can’t be popped!!


Music Jam 09

Hi Bubbles here!  Everything now works so lets have some fun!  First, the free items.

The first is at the cove.  It is the Green Headphones!

Green Headpones

Then the returning one is for Members Only.  It is at the Night Club Roof Top as the Boombox.


Now there is a booth at the Snow Forts.  It has clothes and the All Accesss Pass.

Cool Clothes and Pass

Lastly, there is a Music Catalog at the Dock Backstage:

Music Catalog

Here are the cheats:

Click the dot on the i for the Snare Drum and Drumsticks.

Cheats 1

Then click the o for the Black Electric Guitar

Cheats 2

So those are the stuff for the Music Jam 09.  Everything is now awesome!

Bubbles can’t be popped!!